a Monodrama

Eleven Women from Novels by Amos Oz

Adapted to the Stage by TAMIR

We all dream of belonging. The dream of the homeland enkindled the Jewish soul for centuries. But once that dream was realized, for many, the yearning still continued for an ELSEWHERE. This monodrama reveals the heart of eleven women trapped and exiled in their own yearning, plus the storyteller. The setting is Israel, the dreaming is universal.

Amos Oz asked TAMIR to create a one-woman show depicting the women in his novels. She was invited to Mishkenot Sha’ananim, a guesthouse in Jerusalem for internationally acclaimed artists, where she wrote this adaptation.

The Characters


Weaves the circle of women

Ruth – The Hill of Evil Counsel

A genteel European who can’t adapt to the new harsh land

Galila – Where the Jackals Howl

A schoolgirl, seduced by a man’s wild stories, discovers that he is her father

Bronka – Elsewhere, Perhaps

At the other end of womanhood she feels old age settling in

Stefa – Touch the Water, Touch the Wind

An elegant creature of fantasy wonders whether to go to Palestine

Hanna – My Michael

Trying to hold on to reality, she succumbs to the world of dreams

Fruma – Elsewhere, Perhaps

An embittered widow with a flair for gossip clings to her remaining son

Havka – A Perfect Peace

A crafty veteran with an agenda of grievance confronts her husband

Lyuba – Late Love

A Russian émigré, busy with her cause: environmental pollution

Ilana – Black Box

Obsessively writes fiery letters to her estranged husband

Noga – Elsewhere, Perhaps

Almost a woman, but already lascivious blood runs in her veins

Rimona – A Perfect Peace

Tries to make peace with the memory of her dead baby


It is important to note TAMIR’s work and to watch out for future I Belong Elsewhere dates. She has based her piece on the writings of noted Israeli novelist Amos Oz, giving substance and impact to the novels’ eleven women. There is a beautiful lyrical quality to her work, as she moves from character to character.

By Irene Backalenick, reviewer for Backstage

A beautiful lyrical quality to her work giving substance and impact to the novels’ eleven women.

"TAMIR shines... absolutely owns the stage with her centered authority."

- Deborah Tomber,

American Jewish World