Review for: My Ancestor’s House

My Ancestors’ House

Reviewed by Irene Backalenick

Fine performances all around. The elegant, beautiful TAMIR, the sister you love to hate, gives dimension, a flesh-and-blood quality to her character.

Review for: ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Romeo & Juliet

Directed by Michael Maloney (RSC)

TAMIR creates a Lady Capulet whose pain and passion break through her regal bearing. Hers is a portrait of both depth and subtlety.

Review for: Richard II

THEATRE REVIEW: Richard II brought to vivid life by Walking the dog Theatre

Reviewed by  J. Peter Bergman

TAMIR plays the Duke of York and seems to never leave the stage, which was fine with me for her work in this role is exemplary.

Review for: In the Land of Israel

REVIEW: High praise for TAMIR’s ‘In the Land of Israel,’ based on Amos Oz book

Reviewed by Arthur Giron

It is in this tradition that TAMIR shines… She skillfully embodies each character with nuanced gesture and complete immersion. The transitions between characters is smooth and her acting is never forced, bringing the viewer into the world-view of each portrayal as she lives the moment fully and truthfully.



No matter how full the stage was, when TAMIR was not there, it seemed empty.


Actress TAMIR as Bernarda Alba is a strong and forceful presence. Her performance provides the linchpin around which the production revolves.


In the role of Bernarda, TAMIR is a strong presence, naturally excluding the power of a matriarch in the last century Spain.