Nominated for a Berkie,

Excellence in Solo Performance (2021)

Directed by Martin Jason Asprey

"Now is moving and entertaining, it has variety and specificity, is never boring and feels important. I laughed, I cried, I was shocked, surprised and in suspense throughout. TAMIR's story is one of almost absurd epic hope and survival, like 'Ishmael' in Moby Dick and is filled with wit and poetry. Excellent work!"

- Andrew Borthwick-Leslie,

Co-Artistic Director of Humanist Project; Shakespeare & Co. member and teacher for 20 years

Growing up in Israel, serving in the army in a culture of guns and grenades with war at home and in the streets, violence was the norm. Many turn to suicide as a way to blot it all out.

It is a personal story, but one that simmers in the hearts of many who live in a culture of violence with a history of persecution and easy access to guns.

This, then, is an examination of that experience, which is prevalent in the U.S. and globally. It is a depiction of an inner emotional landscape and the healing that comes through theater and faith, especially through the plays of Shakespeare – paving the way from the fragmentation and overwhelm of trauma to the narrative of being present in the now and a universal cry for meaning and peace.

** This production reflects personal stories – including attempted suicide. It focuses on re-affirmation of life through faith and theatre, especially the plays of Shakespeare.**

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Watch the trailer for TAMIR’s latest one-woman show, Now

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REVIEW: Now, a Haunting, Spiritual Journey of Self-Love

By Jarice Hanson

TAMIR’s lithe dancer’s body and her velvet voice weave a story much like a quilt. Sections of her life including the dehumanization of serving in the Israeli Army and attempted suicide come together and somehow become a thing of beauty. In the work of Shakespeare TAMIR realizes there are Universal experiences that help us understand the human condition.

She is a multi-talented actress who skillfully draws an audience to her and by the end of the performance she’s able to get the audience’s hearts beating in unison…

There is a spirituality to TAMIR’s presence.

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Now, a One-Woman Show by TAMIR, Written and Performed by TAMIR

By J. Peter Bergman

TAMIR has an extraordinary presence, a voice that is so compelling you pray no one else will speak, and a physical grace that seems impossible to sustain. It isn’t. She holds her audience in total thrall and every word spoken, every contortion of her body, feels like total confession and the stage is almost too small a box in which to reveal it all…TAMIR unveils her secrets using poetic language all her own blended seamlessly with the words of Shakespeare

…Hers is an achievement like none I’ve seen before on a stage.

No amount of past suffering is wasteful if it leads us to a better today. There is no other play like this one at making such a point.

…This is one show that would be a pity to miss.

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This is a very powerful story of suicide, language, dance, the power of words, Shakespeare, survival, celebration and hope.

Now for me says it’s never too late to find what you love. That not holding on to your trauma but finding a way to give it voice in any form will release it and shift the thinking of many. As we say in AA “Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes.” In this day and age of social media, less community, group experience, and cutting ourselves off from the pain of people’s lives (stepping over the homeless) — honest theatre is needed Now more than ever!!

TAMIR is a talented writer, dancer, actor, singer and a very unusual intense human with one hell of a life. It’s been an honor to be a part of this terrific show. A friend said it best to me after seeing Now: “this is why I go to the theatre, this is what theatre is for!”

Thanks for being here and I hope you too will cry, laugh, question, reflect, learn and believe in the power of art!

– Martin J. Asprey

"I was moved by Now in many ways. The story is an empowering one for all people who are working hard to turn their past oppressions into opportunity. I was also inspired by TAMIR's persistence as an artist in creating the piece and celebrating her truth. I continue to have many beautiful images and powerful words in my mind from seeing Now. TAMIR's presence as an artist onstage is mesmerizing and her passion for this project is palpable."

- Kristen van Ginhoven,

Artistic Director, WAM Theatre

"Now really has meat and substance. I see this play being done all over the world. TAMIR fills the stage with her incandescence and sheds light on sensitive issues. TAMIR is extraordinary. Thanks for a remarkable performance."

- Arthur Giron, playwright

Edith Stein (B’Way), Amazing Grace, Founder of Ensemble Studio Theatre

"Terrific (play itself). TAMIR is wonderful."

- Shellen Lubin

Director, Playwright

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TAMIR discusses her one-woman show, Now.

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For support call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255.