This is a one-woman show, which portrays contemporary Israel through six diverse characters: a Zionist farmer, a religious zealot, a Catholic nun, an Israeli right-wing extremist, a Palestinian Arab, and a Romanian immigrant. The actress takes the audience on a journey through Israel’s human landscape as she transforms onstage from one character to another. These characters present an unusually wide spectrum of political views and raise questions of universal human concern. More importantly, they examine Jewish identity and the essence of life in Israel. This is not a manicured presentation of Israel, but rather an examination of the fundamental issues of the country’s existence. The show is an adaptation of the book by Amos Oz, which is highly acclaimed in Israel and the United States. From the New York Times: “In the Land of Israel is brilliantly controlled, a careful if galloping report by an artist wearing a journalist’s mask who portrays his country through conversations.” From these conversations, the actress TAMIR has recreated a stunning and sensitive portrayal of the characters.

The Characters

**The names of the characters have been changed to protect their privacy – but all their stories are real.**

Rivka – an Israeli pioneer in the Moshav Bat-Shlomo

Yasmin – a Palestinian pharmacists and teacher from Nablus

Rochel-Leah – an orthodox Jewess from Meah Shearim, Jerusalem

Ze’eva – a right-wing Israeli extremist

Sister Celestine – A French Catholic nun in Jerusalem

Bella – a retired Rumanian immigrant in Ashdod


REVIEW: High praise for TAMIR’s ‘In the Land of Israel,’ based on Amos Oz book

By Arthur Giron

It is in this tradition that TAMIR shines… She skillfully embodies each character with nuanced gesture and complete immersion. The transitions between characters is smooth and her acting is never forced, bringing the viewer into the world-view of each portrayal as she lives the moment fully and truthfully.

One-Woman Show Pleases Audience

By Sandra L. Katz

Post Courier Reviewer

TAMIR performs her articulate, intelligent and stunning adaptation under the direction of Avishay Greenfield.

TAMIR’s facial expressions resemble Ann Bancroft. There is also the feeling that she is doing a serious Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg with these vivid dramatizations.

Utilizing the whole stage, she gives each person their own niche. Her body language is expressive and helps move the women with grace and fluidity. Most significant are her lovely hand motions.

TAMIR fulfills a passionate mission and entertains her audience with her ability to make one feel part of something greater than oneself.

Northwest STAR

Through the spell-binding magic of her acting, TAMIR transported her audience to the land of Israel.

Following her performance, the author came onstage and seconded the high approval of the audience. Amos Oz declared that the male characters in his book had passion and in her portrayal of them as females, TAMIR brought even more passion to them.

Hope For Peace Shown By Characters in Play In the Land of Israel

By Jack Dressler

Post Courier Reviewer

TAMIR’s deftly realized characterizations portrayed strength, humor, cynicism, love, and bitterness, in a series of six episodes that involved quick alternations of mood and style. For this she used a remarkable economy of technique and gesture that helped to preserve pacing and continuity.

In fact, until the curtain-calls, TAMIR was never present, only her characters were there to speak of the pride, pain, and hope of these contemporary observers from within Israel.


By L. Rosen, Jewish Journal

It was an evening that stressed once again what understanding, reaching out and love can accomplish that all the hatred and wars in the world never will.

Yasmin is weeping for the wasted years, the energy lost in hating, the misconceptions with which she had lived her life for so long. There was no way I could stem my own brimming tears and I made no attempt to. That moment became a precious treasure – so consummately performed, so emotionally meaningful.

If you every see the name TAMIR performing anywhere in New York, be sure you make room and time to see her. Her performance is worth a trip to anywhere, a theatrical triumph!

TAMIR with author Amos Oz