Berkie Nominated,
Excellence in Solo Performance (2021)

It is a depiction of an inner emotional landscape and the healing that comes through theatre and faith especially through the plays of Shakespeare, paving the way from the fragmentation and overwhelm of trauma to the narrative of being present in the now and a universal cry for meaning and peace.

An exciting collection of Rumi poetry with Persian music. My purpose is to produce spoken-art performances and CDs of the timeless mystic poets, embodying the highest standards of artistic excellence for your listening enjoyment and inner attunement. Art can and does bring us closer to our innate spiritual core. I sincerely hope that Rumi’s exquisite words bring you a step closer to your light self.


by Terrence McNally

Master Class is a 1995 play by American playwright Terrence McNally, presented as a fictional master class by opera singer Maria Callas near the end of her life, in the 1970s. As such, the play features incidental vocal music by Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, and Vincenzo Bellini.

based on the book by Amos Oz

Adapted to the Stage by TAMIR

This is a one-woman show which portrays contemporary Israel through six diverse characters. This is not a manicured presentation of Israel but rather an examination of the fundamental issues of the country’s existence.

a Monodrama

Eleven Women from Novels by Amos Oz

Adapted to the Stage by TAMIR

We all dream of belonging. But once that dream was realized, for many, the yearning still continued for and ELSEWHERE. This monodrama reveals the heart of eleven women trapped and exiled in their own yearning. The setting is Israel, the dreaming is universal.

An inter-faith program of poetry from around the world, celebrating the unifying theme of prayer. It brings to life onstage great literature that grew out of the common experience and yearning for that which always IS.